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Check out the news below for everything up and coming in 2024 - our concert and our musical

Please get in touch if you want to join us on stage or behind the scenes!

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April 2024 Concert  - CompanyMK: Misbehaving. April 25-27 2024

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Our 2024 concert is going to be all about villains, rogues and mischief-makers!. We are ready to host the auditions on December the 3rd - and thank you to all who have put forms in!!

We'll post the audition results here so stay tuned to meet our wonderful cast

October 2024 Show - News coming soon

Godspell was a huge success and we thank all our audiences for coming out to support us!. We had a great time and received some wonderful feedback. Show pictures are available on our past productions page!

Our 2024 musical is still in the works and news will be as soon as we can....but in the mean time check out the news for our 2024 spring concert!!

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