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Sister Act cast

Deloris Van Cartier – Daisy Amphlett

Mother Superior – Caroline Smith

Eddie Southern – Chris Tennant

Sister Mary Robert – Lilly Connors

Sister Mary Patrick – Hannah Vessey

Sister Mary Lazarus – Sian Mander

TJ – Ben Robinson

Pablo – Alex Taylor

Michelle – Sam Mellor

Tina – Helen Winder

Sister Mary Martin of Tours – Liandra Walker

Sister Mary Theresa – Darina Barrons

Nuns with numbers – 1 Charlotte Gomm, 2 Michelle Marlborough, 3 Paula Fraser, 4 Jodie Commercial, 5 Katie Bannister, 6 Chloe Berridge, 7 Claire Duff, 8 Louise Crompton, 9 Tanya Horwood, 10 Simone Taylor-Allkins

Company nuns – Mel Best, Melanie Brenchley, Victoria Clark, Catherine Howell, Chelsi-Kay Mudrovcic, Sam Mellor, Rebecca Walters, Emma Whalley, Helen Winder, Hester Wood

(The nuns will also fulfil other roles throughout the show, such as bar staff, patrons and homeless people.)

Company men (roles such as Ernie, cab driver, drag queen, cops, altar boys, newscaster, the Pope) – Stuart Woolgar, plus two more TBC

In the cast but yet to be placed – Iain Morrison

Yet to be cast – Monsignor O’Hara, Curtis, Joey

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