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Audition Results for Chicago


Thanks so much to everyone for auditioning. We were really impressed by the standard and for many of the parts we had so much choice, because there were so many stand-out auditions. That made the end of our evening particularly difficult. However, we were delighted to see that Milton Keynes and the surrounding area is so full of amazing talent. We’re looking forward to getting started!


Cast List:


Velma Kelly: Michelle Marlborough

Roxie Hart: Louisa Berry

Mama Morton: Philippa Tipper

Billy Flynn: Terry Cavender

Amos Hart: Michael Hutchinson

Mary Sunshine: Connor Allen


#1 Court Clerk: James Allen

#2 Judge: Mike Simpson

#4 Sergeant Fogarty: Karl Darby Warner

#5 Aaron: Jordan Murphy

#6 Martin Harrison: Alex Taylor

#7 Harry/Juror: Andrew Oxford

#11 Fred Casely: Chris Tennant


#3 Mona: Tilly James

#8 Go-to-Hell Kitty: Emma Whalley

#9 Annie: Hannah Vessey

#10 June: Kayleigh Quinn

#12 Hunyak: Jodie Commercial

#13 Liz: Meryl Couper



Michelle Backhouse

Katie Bannister

Melanie Best

Liandra Borg

Lucy Dudley

Tara Hutchings

Sian Mander

Simone Taylor-Allkins

Rebecca Walters

Cheryll Wilson

Katie Bush