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Audition Results for Celebrated and Underrated


Thank you all for your time, energy and good humour last night – not mention all the wonderful singing and dancing. We hope that you enjoyed the workshop and we’re so sorry that we can’t have everyone in the company. We had some difficult decisions to make; we had to take into account all-round performances and fitting people into the current concert programme which has a heavy vocal bias and a demanding performance aspect.

The company is as follows:


Ellie Baldwin

Katie Bannister

Louisa Berry

Mel Best

Katherine Bradfield

Victoria Clark

Clare Duff

Charlotte Gomm

Asa Haycock

Matilda James

Tilly Jones

Kayleigh Quinn

Sian Mander

Michelle Marlborough

Iain Morrison

Mike Simpson

Alex Taylor

Simone Taylor-Allkins

Chris Tennent

Hannah Vessey

Jade Wallace

Rebecca Walters

Emma Whalley



Rehearsals start next Sunday – 2nd February – 7.30pm at Monkston.